Circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin, that cover the tip of the penis.

Circumcision is performed for several reasons.

  • Medical reasonsAre only eligible for Medicare Rebates
  1. Phimosis or unable to retract foreskin,
  2. Recurrent Urinary infections,
  3. Infection of the Glans Penis or Penile forehead or Foreskin infections
  4. Tight Frenulum
  • Religious
  • Cultural or traditional
  • Personal or Hygiene benefits
  • Cosmetic reasons


No Age Fees Out Of Pocket
1 0 – 3 months 380/- Medicare rebate only if any medical indication
2 3 – 6months 410/- Medicare rebate only if any medical indication
3 7 – 12 months 470/- Medicare rebate only if any medical indication
4 1 – 3 years 600/- Medicare rebate only if any medical indication
5 3 – 6 years 940/- 750/- (Only if Medically Indicated)
6 7 – 9 years 1050/- 850/- (Only if Medically Indicated)
7 9 – 15 years 1250/- 1050/- (Only if medically Indicated)
8 15 years + 1400/- 1200/- (Only if Medically indicated)
9 Revision Call clinic for rates No Medicare rebates
10 Cosmetic Call clinic for rates No Medicare rebates

Weekend Fees:

Saturday: 100/- dollars + the prices printed above for the procedure

Sunday: 150/- dollars + the prices printed above for the procedure


There are various methods of Circumcision procedure.

We perform circumcision by Plastibell Method, Circumcision Stapler & Free Hand technique.

The Plastibell method is preferred from newborns to 9-11 years old boys.

The Circumcision Stapler can be performed for boys 12 years and above.

The Free Hand technique can be performed for boys aged 12 years and above.

We have the facilities to perform all the above methods either under Local Anesthesia or Sedation.

The sedation option is available only for clients aged 4 years and over.

Plastibell Circumcision:

Also known as Ring method. It involves placing a plastic ring at the top of the penis and tying the foreskin around it. This results in the foreskin getting necrosed or devitalized and falling off along with the ring after few days.

The advantages of the procedure are:

  • Short duration of procedure.
  • Prevents the injury to the glans or the top of the penis, which has high chances with other methods of circumcision.
  • No suturing or any surgical glue needed.
  • Cosmetically excellent results
  • Low chances of bleeding post procedure
  • Tolerated well.

Plastibell Circumcision – Complete recovery is expected within a week or two after the ring falls off.


  • The cosmetic look can take a couple of months or longer.

Circumcision Stapler

Stapler circumcision is a new advanced technique that involves minimal incisions to remove the foreskin from the top of the penis.

It can be performed under general or local anesthesia. A stapler-like device is used to remove the foreskin from the top of the penis. The nature of the incision is minimally invasive to reduce the bleeding during the procedure. Stapler circumcision offers a high success rate with almost nothing posts procedure complications.

Advantages of stapler circumcision: –

  • Surgery time is less than 10 minutes
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Minimal pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Lower chances of infection

The time duration to perform a stapler circumcision is less than 10 minutes. After the procedure, you shall need to stay in the clinic for 20 minutes to check the recovery progress.


  • The recovery period for circumcision stapler is 2-3 days.
  • A complete recovery may take around 1-2 weeks.
  • No sexual activity for at least 7-10 days after the circumcision
  • Avoid masturbation for at least a week after the surgery.

Post-Operative Care:

Verbal and written post-operative instructions shall be given at the time of procedure.

Risks and complications:

  • Bleeding – It is the most common complication that can take place with any method of circumcision for clients of any age. During the consultation and even after the procedure a thorough explanation and guidance shall be given to the clients or parents, guardians about management of such a situation, if it arises.
  • Infection. Is a possibility. The necessary steps to avoid an infection shall be informed to the clients or their family members.
  • Pain A pain management plan shall be given to the clients.
  • Specific complications related to Plastibell.
  1. Retained Ring – In some children the ring can get retained over the penis. In such circumstances the ring must be cut and removed. The procedure takes a couple of minutes.
  2. Buried penis or concealed penis – Due to weight gain in some children, the penis can get buried in the surrounding fat. This is not a complication but due to the surrounding fat. We shall tell you how to look after the child if such an issue arises.
  3. Minor adhesions – Can occur in few patients if the remaining foreskin can get adherent to the coronal margins (base of the glans penis or top of the penis) of the glans. To prevent this situation the parents are educated by us.

Why should you choose Circ Vas Doctors?

  • Dr Rahul Tipnis is a Trained doctor with more than 24 years of medical experience. Has extensively worked as a surgical team member at various hospitals in UK and Australia. Holds Fellowship from Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Has been appointed as a college examiner for FRACGP OSCE exams. Performed more than 300 circumcisions in the last year.
  • No obligation & free consultation
  • Quick appointments and procedure dates.
  • No Long waiting lists.
  • Procedures performed 7 days of week with late evening procedure appointments available.
  • Parents, family members can be present with the patient in the treatment room (Up to 2 family members allowed) during the procedure.
  • Same day consultations and procedure appointments available.
  • Post procedures follow ups at no extra cost or charges.
  • Sedation facility (Sedation facility for children above the age of 3 years)
  • After Pay or Zip Money payment facilities available.
  • Friendly & Caring staff.
  • Clean & sterile procedural room
  • Interstate clients welcomed. Lodging and Boarding facility to stay with local families can be arranged at minimal costs. Advice and bookings for local hotels/apartments can be arranged.

For Bookings, Call 03 8579 0976/0 400 161 541

For more information about the Sedation option, click here