General Practice Services

  1. Chronic Disease Management
  2. Skin Checks
  3. Men’s Health
  4. Children’s Health
  5. Preventive Medicine
  6. Work Cover Assessments
  7. Elderly Patient Care
  8. Pathology Services
  9. Minor Surgical Procedures
    1. Skin Lesion Excisions and Biopsies
    2. Removal of Lumps and Bumps
    3. Ingrown toenail Procedures
    4. Circumcisions for all age groups
    5. Vasectomies
    6. Ear Lobe repairs
    7. Hydrocele Repair in Adults

Bulk Billing – Almost all consultations are bulk Billed if a current Medicare card is available

For those without a Medicare entitlement a fee of $ 70/- is payable for standard (less the 20 minutes) Consultations

Services such as Medical assessment for employment or Driving licenses shall be billed privately as Medicare benefits are not available for these items.

Minor surgical procedures such as Ingrown toenails procedure, Circumcisions, Vasectomies, ear lobe repairs etc shall have out of pocket expenses. Please ask before proceeding.