No Procedure Fees Out Of Pocket
1 Non-Scalpel Vasectomy 550/- 300/-


Weekend Fees:

Saturday: 100/- dollars + the prices printed above for the procedure

Sunday: 150/- dollars + the prices printed above for the procedure

Dr Tipnis performs the Non-Scalpel Vasectomy method.

Vasectomy is a safe, effective, and permanent method of birth control for men.

A vasectomy prevents pregnancy by blocking the path sperms leave the body.

After the vasectomy you will continue to ejaculate fluid called semen, but sperm will not be present in the semen.

Though vasectomy is considered as a permanent form of sterilization, it can be surgically reversed. However, these procedures may not always be successful. Sperms can be stored in a sperm bank. Dr Tipnis will speak to you about these issues.

Benefits of Vasectomy:

  • Shorter procedure duration
  • Can be done as office procedure.
  • Can be performed under local anesthesia.
  • Short recovery time
  • Low complication rates
  • Safer than Female sterilization
  • Permanent & effective form of sterilization

We have the provision of performing the procedure either under local anesthesia or under sedation.

A free no obligation consultation is offered and conducted on your first visit.

A thorough history, examination, and along with detailed explanation of the procedure with drawings is done. A any queries or concerns are addressed

Instructions about any specific medications interfering with bleeding and clotting are addressed.

For patients opting to undergo the procedure under local anesthetic are recommended to have their normal diet on the day of the procedure.

There is availability of antianxiety and calming medication for no extra cost at our clinic. For those who would like to take the medication needs to be at least 20 minutes prior to your appointment for the procedure. The prerequisite for the medication is that you need someone to drive you back home

For clients requesting Sedation, fasting duration and time is advised according to the procedure time.

Clients are recommended to shave or trim the scrotal hair day prior to the procedure.

No scalpels or knives are used in the Non-Scalpel Vasectomy, which is the latest non-intrusive technique used for vasectomy. The procedure involves discontinuing and blocking the ends of the spermatic cord, resulting in sterility.

There is no effect on the male hormones or sexual drive.

Post Procedure:

  • It is advisable to take rest for at least 2 days even if you are pain free.
  • Avoid lifting anything heavy and avoid gym, jogging, exercises, or any outdoor sports for 2 weeks after the surgery even if pain free.
  • Panadol 2 tablets 6 hourly.
  • Applying ice over your underpants for 24-48 hrs. can be beneficial.
  • Wear a tight supportive brief.
  • Avoid strenuous activity or sexual activity for one week.
  • Strong pain killer requirements are generally not needed, a script can be given on request.
  • A medical certificate can be provided at request.

Semen tests:

After the procedure you will need to use some form of contraception for 4 months and ejaculate at least 20 – 25 times during that period. A semen test is requested after the 3-month period.

The semen test is bulk billed by our pathology provider Dorevitch.

The test results are available in 4 days.

The procedure is considered success only after the semen test is completely clear of any sperms. If your test shows any sperms in the sample, then a repeat test may be needed later.


  • Bleeding/Hematoma This is the most common complication that can happen after vasectomy. Small hematoma up to a size of 3-4 cm can be treated conservatively. Large hematoma may need drainage in the hospital.
  • Infection Minor infection can be treated with oral antibiotics. Severe infections may need to be treated in the hospital.
  • Sperm granulomas Are more common in open ended techniques. They can form a small tender lump which can be managed with anti-inflammatory medications and rarely need surgical removal.
  • Recanalization is rare, occurring in approximately 0.2 percent of patients. It is reconnection of the cut ends of the tubes, resulting in fathering a child.


  • Normal activity can be resumed within a week

Why should you choose Circ Vas Doctors?

  • Dr Rahul Tipnis is a Trained doctor with more than 25 years of medical experience. He has undertaken surgical training in Mumbai and completed surgical residency program at a busy tertiary hospital in Central Mumbai. He brings with him a broad and sound surgical knowledge base Has extensively worked as a surgical team member at various hospitals in UK and Australia. Holds Fellowship from Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Has been appointed as a college examiner for FRACGP OSCE exams. Performed more than 150 Vasectomies in the last year.
  • No obligation & free consultation
  • Quick appointments and procedure dates.
  • No long waiting lists.
  • Procedures performed 7 days of week with late evening procedure appointments available.
  • Partners are welcome in the procedure room.
  • Same day consultations and procedure appointments available.
  • Post procedures follow ups at no extra cost or charges.
  • Sedation facility available.
  • After Pay or Zip Money facilities available.
  • Friendly & Caring staff.
  • Clean & sterile procedural room.
  • Medicare rebates available

Medicare Rebate available.

Depending on your SAFETY NET COVER, more Medicare rebate is possible. Please check with Medicare

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