West Melbourne is one of the fastest growth areas in Australia with a diverse population and melting pot of ethnicity, culture and religion, requiring various need.

With more then 50% young families in child bearing age, with various needs and no full-time doctor or a dedicated clinic for the same. Bearing this in mind, we founded Circ Vas Doctors specifically dedicated to service and cater the needs of these clients with a doctor available on-site full time.

At our clinic located in Werribee, we provide Circumcisions for all age groups and for all reasons and Vasectomy procedures.

Having more the 600 circumcision and 200 vasectomy procedures performed successfully, Dr Rahul Tipnis has joined us to offer both his services and expertise for our cliental in West Melbourne.

We thrive to achieve the best outcome and patient satisfaction and our reviews speak for them.

Our Motto, “COMMITTED to CARING”, by using best available quality surgical instruments materials for the best possible results.

We are one of the pioneers of performing Circumcision procedures for young boys and adults with a stapler device in Australia. The benefits which have been studied published by peer review journals, it being almost blood less and with minimal pain & performed within 15 minutes duration The device is approved by Therapeutic Guidelines Australia.

The Non-Scalpel Vasectomy is performed without using knives or sutures resulting in quick recovery & minimal discomfort.

For children over the age of 3 years and adults requiring sedation, we have operating rights at WestPoint Day surgery, Werribee.

At Circ Vas Doctors, we believe that the our cliental is the most important person on our premises and has full rights to know about the procedure and its costs, hence on our website we have displayed our fees and procedures in details, you can also contact our friendly staff members for further queries.

Without compromising on service care, quality and best outcomes, we have managed to keep our fees affordable to all.

We would like to welcome you all to visit our clinic in Werribee for a free no obligation consultation with Dr Rahul Tipnis

Looking forward to serve you to the best of our ability